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Your Real Estate Guide to Silver Lake

Travis Bayles
May 4, 2020

Silver Lake is both a residential and commercial neighbourhood in Los Angeles, California but residence and locals consider this as a “Happening” east side neighbourhood, and who can blame them? Silver Lake has maintained its status as the trendiest neighbourhood in East LA, thanks to the ever growing shops and restaurants, to its gorgeous outdoor patios and even to an old school “Tiki Bar”.  The area has also managed to “marry” the shiny and new (of which there’s a lot) with the shabby and old, making the neighbourhood feel very, well, real. And it’s totally bikeable. Silver Lake’s real estate market has never been this good.

The View:

The panoramic views and charm of this unique city place it as a top spot to know about, and moving to Silver Lake would be a blast for you. The beauty of looking at the ocean and the lake is possible from some spots. Everyone is already talking about the restaurants and the hip community. It’s true. Silver Lake is a really alluring neighbourhood, and it gets even more captivating as time goes by. Silver Lake isn’t just for East Siders anymore. Once upon a time, a Beverly Hills housewife wouldn’t have been caught dead in Silver Lake, but now, it’s known as a hipster paradise, and has gotten a clean shiny coat. Thanks to all the new businesses that have sprung up there in the past ten years, with more coming in all the time.

Courtesy of Flickr

The Shops

With its popularity and rising real estate prices, Silver Lake is not immune from the invasion of high-end stores. Here are some of the hippest stores you may want to visit:  Foxhole Vintage – owners Jeff and Fox have a knack of finding unique and worn out denim.

This little store is full of vintage pieces, some are redesigned by Fox and some came fresh from estate sale or flea market. Bucks & Does – this blue hued boutique offers clothing for both men and women. The clothes here are quite pricey but you can never argue about the quality. Mollusk Surf Shop – if you’re going to hit the waves, then this is the right place for you. Surf aficionados and pros alike can drool over their custom made surf boards, artist-designed tees and tank tops, and hard-to-find wetsuits. Retrosuperfuture – is an Italian sunglass company that is well loved by celebrities. They specialized on retro designs. Sweet William – is a New York based children’s clothing store as well as European-made toys. You can also check Undefeated for the latest sneaker designs if you want to look like one of those Silver Lake hipsters.  So if you love to shop and you choose to invest in Silver Lake real estate, you will never get run out of shops to visit.

The Food

Silver Lake has full of great restaurants tucked and vital to the neighbourhood they serve.  Here are some of the best Silver Lake can offer: Alimento Chef/Owner Zack Pollack has taken his Italian food expertise and created this amazing place which is focused on the Northern border of Italy with a dose of LA sensibility.

L&E Oyster Bar – is still the place to be if you want the best mouth-watering and most of all, affordable oysters in town.  Pine & Crane – since its opening, this place has been the go-to for affordable, casual and delicious food in Silver Lake. Dinosaur Coffee –  the sunny shop up near the Los Feliz border is ground zero for everything great and weird about Silver Lake, and offers a variety of food pop-ups and lastly but surely not the least, Millie’s– the ever enduring breakfast destination that has been on the Sunset Boulevard since the great depression.

Hidden Gems of Silver Lake

Silver Lake is one of LA’s most featured neighbourhoods. Despite with all the media coverage, it’s still hard to find lesser known places that are worth visiting.  Akbar – is coming up on two decades as the hetero-friendly bar at the corner of Fountain and Sunset. It is the place to be every night of the week.

Bar Keeper: Thanks to its humorously created storefront display. There is no place in town with a cocktail supply like keepers. Rockway Records – their wide collection of memorabilia and of course, new or rare used records made them famous for music collectors. And who can forget about Satellite, the Indie rock venue. This has been the home for many bands that started in the area, also known as the incubator for the Silver Lake’s independent rock scene. You can also try these places, Silver Lake Wine, Vacation Vinyl, and Café Tropical. You will never run out of cool and hip places to visit in Silver Lake.

It’s all about the location, location, location. Silver Lake is flanked on the northeast by Atwater Village and Elysian Valley, on the southeast by Echo Park, on the southwest by Westlake, on the west by East Hollywood and on the northwest by Los Feliz. Other boundaries include the Los Angeles River between Glendale Boulevard and Fletcher Drive, Riverside Drive on the northeast, the Glendale Freeway on the east, Effie Street, Coronado Street, Berkeley Avenue and Fletcher Drive on the southeast, the Hollywood Freeway on the south, Hoover Street on the west and Fountain Avenue and Hyperion Avenue on the northwest. The prime Silver Lake real estate around the lake is known to realtors as the “Moreno Highlands.” Furthermore, there are plenty of desirable areas in and around the Silver Lake neighbourhood, including around the Hyperion Ave shopping stretch, and the up-and-coming older residential south of the boulevard.  Silver Lake is one of LA’s most walkable and bikeable ‘hoods with (almost) everything conveniently within walking distance along the neighbourhood’s “downtown,” Sunset Boulevard.

So if you’re planning to invest or move in LA and you’re looking for an urban living like no other, then invest in Silver Lake real estate. You could never be wrong.


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